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Special Interest Travel in Africa
Special Interest Travel in Africa Authentic African Safaris
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Authentic African Safaris
Special Interest Travel in Africa
Africa offers unlimited exploratory opportunities to both new and seasoned travellers. This is your chance to discover them! One of our outstanding strengths through the years has been our ability to create and run wonderful special interest safaris. Even though these safaris have a particular topic of interest, we will still savour the fauna and flora of the area to ensure that participants get a great all-round wildlife experience. However, we are able to run private tailor-made safaris for small groups to suit that groups' requirements.
At AfriChoice, we offer among others special interests;
African Wildlife Road Safaris / Luxury Lodge Safaris
AfriChoice! has led the way in a new trend in safari travel with the emphasis on a more adventurous, diverse and intimate safari experience. We call these our Safari Options. You can add any of our Safari Options to our itineraries, or combine several Options to create your own trip. You can stay where you wish, for as long as you wish. Also, from the moment you reserve your Special Interest Travel in Africa - Wildlife Safaris
safari, our team of professionals will assist you in every way. We offer you more itineraries, and more ways to customize your adventure. We have our own fleet of modern cars some of which are custom designed for African Safaris. Our custom-built 4x4 safari vehicles are spacious and comfotable. We give all guests window seat guarantee and access to the 'pop-up' roof for optimum game-viewing and photography. More on Africa Wildlife Safaris >>>
Adventure / Budget Camping Safaris
Special Interest Travel in Africa - Budget Camping Safaris
The joy of camping in Africa is being able to get off the beaten track. Joining one of our exclusive camping safaris will go a long way in offering the excitement of a true African experience backed by the know-how to give you the fondest of memories about Africa. We have a wide range of regular departures that can be mixed and matched to fit everybody's taste. We arrange
the most sophisticated tailor-made camping safaris which will assist you capture that picture of a lifetime. We cater for individuals, small and large groups - of all nationalities to suit the dietary requirements of each individual. We have a wide range of regular camping safari departures that can be mixed and matched to fit everybody's taste to Kenya and Tanzania. See Our Camping Safaris >>>
Bird Watching / Ornithological Safaris
Africa is a haven for birdwatchers. Kenya is the best destination in Africa for bird-watching boasting nearly 1300 different species more than any other single country on the continent. Ornithologists can expect to see a large propotion of these species, such is the profusion of birdlife. Rift valley lakes supports large population of birds including the millions of Special Interest Travel in Africa - Bird Watching Safaris
flamingos and pelicans found in Lake Nakuru. Kenya is one of the richest bird areas in the world. With a wealth of different habitats, often close to each other, it's quite easy to spot over 100 species in one day. Although many of the birds are brightly colored and exotic looking, they are generally quite easily recognized; within a day or two you will be identifying the various species with ease! Their main habitats include water, open plains, woodlands and farmlands. Uganda is also of particular interest. Learn More on Bird Watching in Kenya >>>
Mountain Climbing Adventures
Special Interest Travel in Africa - Mountain Climbing Safaris
The snow-capped peaks of Mount Kenya and Mount Kilimanjaro await in their splendour for the rock climber hiker and mountneer. Our mountain climbing programmes cater for a wide range of visitors. Mount Kenya is the Kenya's highest mountain and the second highest in Africa. Straddling across the equator, it's snowy summit reaches to 5,199 m.
Not only is Kilimanjaro the highest peak on the African continent; it is also the tallest free-standing mountain in the world, rising in breathtaking isolation from the surrounding coastal scrubland – elevation around 900 metres – to an imperious 5,895 metres (19,336 feet). Kilimanjaro is one of the world's most accessible high summits, a beacon for visitors from around the world. It is located at the north/eastern tip of Tanzania. More on Moutain Climbing >>>
Gorilla Tracking Safaris in Uganda
Adventure travellers from all over the world travel to Uganda to see the Mountain Gorilla that Uganda is famed for. In fact, Uganda is the home to half of world's remaining population of mountain gorillas estimated at less than seven hundred individuals. A gorilla is the largest living primate. A gorilla is a ground dwelling omnivore animal and largely dwells in the
Special Interest Travel in Africa - Gorilla Tracking Safaris
forest. The most popular of such forests are the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda. Uganda is the only country that boasts the presence of these beautiful creatures. Oftenly referred to as the 'Pearl or Switzerland of Africa, Uganda is also a land of infinite variety. Its sheer physical beauty is totally enchanting. It is the only country where you can find the mighty gorillas in a true natural setting! Meet the very attractions that will make you choose Uganda as your next destination. Learn More on Gorilla Tracking Safaris >>>
Weddings, Honeymoons and Anniversaries
Special Interest Travel in Africa- - Honeymoon in Africa
Apart from being a wonderful safari destination, Africa has been a romantic getaway for honeymooners for hundreds of years. One of the most popular destinations for Honeymoon holidays and vacations in the world is East Africa (Kenya Tanzania and Zanzibar). Apart from being a wonderful wildlife safari destination with exotic and amazing beach resorts and
hotels, East Africa has been a romantic getaway for couples on their honeymoon for hundreds of years ideal for couples wishing to celebrate their theirs once in a lifetime romantic honeymoon in Africa. A dream African safari culminating in a romantic beach retreat at a beach is the ultimate gift!. You can try our Kenyan Dream Safaris. A specially designed safari that will let you realise your dream of a rewarding African vacation. It combines adventure, luxury and romance in a true African hospitality and ambience. Combining the two main ingridients of an African Holiday (safari and beach), it remains the best gift one can give to (or share with) a loved one. More on Weddings & Honeymoon Adventures >>>
Beach Holidays - Sea, Sun & Sand Getaways!
No visit to the continent of Africa is complete without a visit to the coastal Indian Ocean beaches and the adjacent romantic islands. After your safari, take a few days to relax at the warm tropical beaches and explore thier sorroundings. You can also visit the beaches exclusively but remember to take a Safari Excursion into the mainland. Remember to visit one of the
Special Interest Travel in Africa - African Beach Holidays
coastal destinations on your trip and it will definitely spice up your African Vacation. We have a wide range of beach hotels and resorts for your kind of budget. AfriChoice! offer you a wide range of Holidays at the exquisite Beaches of the East African Coast ( Kenya , Tanzania & Zanzibar). Where better to relax and reflect on your adventures than in one of Kenya 's white sand beach resorts, along the coast from the fascinating, historic port of Mombasa with its atmospheric Old Town , beautiful mosques and colourful bazaars.
More on Beach Holidays in Africa >>>
Further Information and Getting Started...
At AfriChoice! Tours & Travel, we full understand how diverse your travel needs can be. That is why we leave you as the expert in your own field and welcome your new suggestions and travel requirements in Africa. The list is practically endless and the options available are countless. We shall listen and endeavour to provide for your special need. For more information regarding this topic or regarding your pressing special interest, DO NOT hesitate to contact us.
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Special Interest Travel in Africa

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