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African Safari - Frequently Asked Questions
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56. How do I get the best out of my time in Africa?
Be on time. Nothing is more irritating to other group members than to have to constantly wait for a slowpoke! Be at appointed meeting places, ready to go. You may not wish to go on all game drives or sightseeing. However, do be sure to tell your driver or guide in advance so he won't wait for you. Be quiet. Part of the beauty of the African bush is the silence and serenity. If you notice others aren't speaking, it's probably a sign they wish you weren't either. On game drives you risk scaring away the animal you want to see by shouting or speaking loudly. Quietly point out to the driver the animals in question and be assured he'll respond appropriately. Be considerate. Some in your group may want to keep moving while others want to linger to get that perfect shot. If your group is large, you can often sort yourselves out into minibuses of people with similar habits. Don't assume that you are the only person who likes the front seat. It's always best to ask. Refrain from smoking in vehicles and during meals. Don't be a complainer. Most problems are pretty easy to rectify when the right person knows about them. If something is bothering you tell the person concerned or your guide. You're on the adventure of a lifetime!

57. Any tips on photography?
Africa is a paradise for photography, but do not wait until you arrive to become familiar with new gear. Take equipment that you have used before. While film is for sale in Africa, it is expensive and limited. Be sure to take along plenty and buy it before you leave home. Take extra batteries for your light meter, and a waterproof pouch (a zip lock bag may do) to protect your camera from moisture and dust. Take extra batteries and plug-in adapters if you plan to use a video camera. At some remote lodges and tented camps, power is produced by generators that are often turned off at night, and the current may not be powerful enough to recharge your batteries. It is smart to take a recharger that works off a vehicle battery, but bear in mind you may not be the only video buff needing a camera charged, and recharging often requires the vehicle engine be on. Larger lithium batteries that you can wear on your belt will last longer. In many tombs, temples or 'closed' museums, you may be asked to pay a fee of $3 for taking photographs, or $30 for use of a video camera. As a protective measure to protect the color of ancient art, some tombs and temples do not allow the use of a flash, or strobe.

58. What about the local voltage supply?
The electric current in Africa is 220-240 AC. Dual voltage appliances may still need an adapter for the plug, usually British-style flat three-prong. See plug in adaptors for the various formats. Some hardware stores sell a multi-functional adaptor that has all the basic plug in prongs.

59. What about going through customs?
You may bring into East Africa any personal effects, including cameras, and an unlimited amount of film. Products made from endangered species may not be taken out of the country. Do not be tempted to buy ivory, tortoise shell, or elephant skin products.

60. What travel documents do I need?
In addition to your valid passport, visas are required for Kenya and Tanzania. AfriChoice! will obtain the necessary visas for a small service fee. Application forms and instructions are now available online at Kenya Airways Website including photo requirements for each visa.

61. How do I get cash for my personal use?
Since you will be met upon arrival at the airport and escorted to your hotel, you will not need any local currency before you reach the hotel, where you can obtain it. However, if time permits, airport exchanges often give better rates than hotels. There is now a large number of registered For-Ex Bureaus where you can change your money safely and at excellent rates. Major Credit Cards are often accepted in larger towns and at lodges, but in markets and with vendors along the road, cash works best, and bargaining is expected. We recommend that you take traveler's checks rather than carrying large amounts of cash. Many travelers find it useful to carry a hand calculator to estimate dollar values while shopping. ATM machines are not widespread and may only be found in major capitals; consult your own bank before departure.

62. What happens in case of an emergency or sickness?
In the event of an emergency or sudden sickness while you're on safari in East Africa, we guarantee medical evacuation to a hospital. The medical facilities in Nairobi offer a full staff of professionals along with state-of-the-art testing equipment. We'll pay for the Flying Doctors Society to come to your side. Most hotels and safari lodges you will visit has in-house doctor who will attend to you in case of a need.

63. Finally, what will be my gain from the overall experience?
Remember you are on an African holiday expedition. We understand how valuable your vacation time is. When you entrust that precious time to AfriChoice!, we will help you make the most of every minute. It is our privilege to take you away from the everyday world to contemplate the timeless wonders of Africa. So you'll return from your AfriChoice! safari with much more than memories. You'll return feeling renewed, refreshed, and replenished.

Download a Print-Friendly Version
A Print-Friendly Version of the Frequently Asked Safari Questions is available. To Read this PDF file, you require Adobe Acrobat Reader©
On your Computer. Click Here to Download and Install Acrobat Reader

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