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Authentic African Safaris
Authentic African Safaris
Authenticity refers to the truthfulness of origins, attributions, commitments, sincerity, devotion, and intentions. For almost a decade, we have been leading the way in adventure safaris and ecotourism, not just to new destinations, but pioneering new approaches to travel that guarantee your experience with AfriChoice! will be qualitatively superior. At AfriChoice!, authenticity has been and is our highest priority. This is the one reason why guests keep coming back to us, repeatedly. Sincerity, good faith, genuineness - they're all part of the ethic we embrace in approaching our homeland, the people and the cultures we share it with. We are devoted to helping our travelers experience Africa with the honesty and affirmation that your choice of AfriChoice! implies - a real world without artifice, that craves on our understanding and compassion rather than on our judgment; a world that seeks to welcome you rather than entertain you. This is all we do. Learn More >
It is all about 'Genuiness'
Some schools of thought define authenticity as the extent "Genuineness of the Travel Product". That is true, however, what we find equally gratifying and meaningful is simply the truth. In fact, authenticity is little more than honesty, sincerity, good faith, and genuineness. Observing wildlife and experiencing the wilderness, while also learning about environmental threats
and conservation programs just but add to its meaning. It all depends on how we conduct our business and integrate our tour operations from trained guides to informed guests. If authenticity is genuineness, as we believe it is, then the level of cultural or economic development, or the degree to which people live according to their traditions, should not be factors in how we judge the value and meaning of our cross-cultural encounters.
It is all about 'The Destination Travel Guides'

In producing that 'Authentic Feeling' above all else, it's the guides! Guides are the catalyst between travelers and their experience. There is nothing more important to creating authenticity in travel than the right guide. In spite of decades of experience in ecotourism and some excellent, locally-based guide training programs, finding the right guide that creates the
'Wild Style' experience is the difference between magic and mediocrity in an any safari. The guide and the guest are two intricately intertwined phenomenas and in East Africa, not many Safari Operators fully appreciate this complexity. This is where AfriChoice! safaris scoop medal!

There are many trained naturalists, excellent tour escorts, and knowledgeable historians and archaeologists, but it is still rare to find a native guide with the requisite range of skills and character: a sufficient command of the English language, the requisite knowledge and the skill to impart the information, the experience to lead, and a personality that is open to sharing a part of themselves, their beliefs and values which induces heart-to-heart interactions between travelers and their hosts.
It is all about 'Your Holiday Itinerary Planning'
The majority of adventure travelers still want to experience major tourist sites like Masai Mara in Kenya, maybe even hike the popular Marangu route up Africa highest mountain - Kilimanjaro or to visit any number of other famous tourist sites in Africa. However, carefully crafted itineraries, executed by guides who understand what eco-travelers seek, will still create memorable
moments and opportunities of reflection in which we are reminded of our time and space. This can be accomplished by careful timing purposefully planned activities that enhance any visit our guests make. At AfriChoice! we work in collaboration with the guides, to create itineraries that include the well-known, the unforeseen, leaving time for unpredictable opportunities of personal discovery for individual guests. We do not follow the mass market, we lead it! This is our ultimate mission.

We are an indigenous safari outfitter and we always endeavour to build authenticity into our safari programs. It takes more time planning, traveling on the ground, researching, training and oversight. We take time to understand our client holiday needs and then offer suggestions for creating authentic experiences. With our noble experience and sensitivity we understand the traveler's needs, we do not just offer real Africa experiences, but expose our travelers to behind the scenes life while simultaneously taking care of their comfort and safety.
We Believe That Authenticity is Attainable!

Our soft-adventure clients are no longer interested in paying us to organize a "reality tour" that immerses them into daily living conditions and political realities. They are on vacation after all. At AfriChoice! we truly believe that behind the growth of adventure travel, home stays, ecotourism, spiritual tours and all this specialty travel, is a "craving for authentic experience."
Nowadays, travelers want to find "a connection between truth, intimacy, and also want to share the life behind the scenes. Some of our more novice clients still think authenticity is synonymous with travel to pristine natural areas and unbeaten paths where native peoples retain traditional values. They associate authenticity with what you may refer to as a "nostalgia for something lost." To be sure, getting back to nature, experiencing more exotic cultures of the past and present, and being reminded of the sacred interconnectedness of life that traditional cultures express, are primary goals many adventure travelers seek.

Of course, it can be argued that in travel, our presence will forever change the place and the people with whom we come in contact. But if authenticity is characterized, according to its definitions, by "freedom from hypocrisy and pretense," then AfriChoice! can proceed with the confidence that our trips not only will strengthen our own humanity, but will help build the kind of inter-cultural, interpersonal and environmental bonds that enhance rather than exploit the people and places where we travel. Learn More >

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