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Kenya Mombasa Beach Holidays
The East African coast is lined with pristine white sand beaches fringing the warm inviting waters of the Indian Ocean. Here the wilderness meets the sea, and the ocean itself holds a world of spectacular coral reefs teeming with life and colour. The coast is a place with a long and exotic history, its calm blue waters the traditional passage of the Arabian Spice Trade.

AfriChoice! offer you a wide range of Holidays at the exquisite Beaches of the East African Coast ( Kenya , Tanzania & Zanzibar). Where better to relax and reflect on your adventures than in one of Kenya 's white sand beach resorts, along the coast from the fascinating, historic port of Mombasa with its atmospheric Old Town , beautiful mosques and colourful bazaars. Alternatively, you could hop over to the romantic spice isle of Zanzibar , a slumbering paradise where green cloves, bread leaf, rice, cinnamon and coconuts still grow wild. When not on the beach, you can visit Stone Town with its warren of streets and bustling bazaar, and explore the Maruhubi Palace , formerly the Sultan's harem.

The Kenya Beaches: Mombasa, Malindi, Watamu & Lamu
Kenya has 536 kilometers of coastline on the Indian Ocean. Her coral reefs are spectacular and are regarded by divers as one of the world’s top three diving destinations after Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and the Red Sea. There are numerous off shore islands, including Kiwaiyu, pate, manda, lamu, Mombasa, Chale, Funzi and wasimi. You may enjoy lying by the beach, big Kenya Mombasa Beach Holidays

game fishing, wind surfing and snorkeling.The coastline of Mombasa is lined with pristine palm fringed beaches, and the calm inviting waters of the Indian Ocean. The beaches are broken by the wide mouth of Kilifi Creek, whose azure waters are a popular port of call on the international yachting circuit. The beaches of Diani, Nyali, Vipingo, Kikambala and Shanzu are home to a wide range of resorts with fine cuisine and services. Offshore reefs are alive with coral, myriad fish, sea turtles and dolphins. Both outer and inner reef walls offer world class diving with spectacular coral gardens and drop offs, and Kenya's best wreck diving on the MV Dania.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of sun lovers find their way here. Many are returning pilgrims who truly know that the sun here is ever faithful. Unlike other beach destinations, the visitor is served with much more than just sun and sand but is delighted to discover ancient coastal forests and historical sites and a people with a fascinating history and culture. The casual visitor impressed by the tranquil beaches and gentle people will not suspect the colourful and eventful history of these realms.

The Kenya Coast line is divided into four main areas: South Coast Beaches, North Coast Beaches, Malindi and Watamu Beaches and finally the Lamu island and its archipelago in the further north. Learn More >>>

Tanzania Beaches: Zanzibar, Pemba & Mafia Islands
The coastline south of Mombasa is a tropical paradise of palm fringed white sand beaches, where the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean meet beautiful coral reefs. The beaches are bordered by lush green coastal rainforests with prolific birdlife and variety of wildlife including baboons, rare colobus monkeys and even leopard. A wide range of World Class resorts, centred Kenya Mombasa Beach Holidays

Just off the Tanzania coast, Zanzibar Island boasts miles of golden beaches and is a superb holiday destination. Known as the Spice Islands, Zanzibar has a rich past and a relaxed swahili atmosphere making it a rewarding travel location. Zanzibar Island - Unguja - The island is unique in that it combines unique natural beauty, forests, spectacular beaches with a rich cultural heritage. The Islands of Zanzibar is simply a fascinating place to see and experience - this capital of the island has a long history, rich swahili culture and architecture, and a relaxed, even slow pace of life. The islands are known for some of the best diving sites in the world, thanks to the rich marine life and clear waters. Zanzibar has several dive companies which offer PADI courses and certification. Fishing There are several great fishing spots around Zanzibar, the best is probably the Pemba channel. Spice Tours are popular and takes you around Stone town and to the spice plantations, historic and cultural spots around the town.

There are three islands that together make up the archipelago of Zanzibar, the main island, commonly known as Zanzibar Island or Unguja. The main island because of its beautiful beaches, rich history and the architectural interest of Stone Town attracts most of the visitors but those with more time, seeking real isolation or excellent diving should explore Pemba island to the North and Mafia island to the South. Stone Town, the capital of the main island, is also a uniquely attractive location, steeped in history and known for it's swahili atmosphere. The islands are also good locations for water sports. Learn More >>>

Pemba Island, Tanzania Coast
Situated some 50 miles to the North of the main island, Pemba island is Known as "The Evergreen Island" because of its lush vegetation and rolling countryside. Pemba is also famous for its immense and dramatic blue water drop offs along with pristine coral reefs teeming with marine life of all shapes and sizes. The Northern tip of the island is one of the world's great dive sites but only suitable for advanced divers due to the strong currents. The beaches are not as accessible as on the main island and the roads on Pemba are terrible. The warmth of the people and the unspoilt beauty of the island make up for the difficulties. Those wishing to visit Pemba island need to allow more time than for a visit to the main island. Learn More >>>

Mafia Island, Tanzania Coast
Mafia Island lies South of the main island close to the Rufiji Delta, just a short aircraft flight from Dar es Salaam, the Selous Game Reserve or Zanzibar. Less scenically interesting than Pemba and without the historic status of the main island Mafia has escaped the attention of tourism. At the Southern end of the island is Chole bay, a protected deep-water anchorage studded with islands, sandbanks and beaches. The clear, protected waters offer wonderful snorkelling, sailing and swimming. Chole Bay and its surrounding forests and islands are now within the protected Mafia Island Marine Park, supported with assistance from the World Wide Fund for Nature. Learn More >>>
Further Information and Booking
You can make great savings by booking your next African Beach Holiday through us! Our dedicated East African Beach Holidays and Vacations Department will only be too glad to put together a beach holiday package especially for you and your loved one or family. Our beach holiday consultants will always be at your assistance in all stages of planning your African beach vacation. Booking through us directly, cuts out middlemen and agents and also takes away the hassle of arranging your holiday whether you simply want Flights or Hotel Accommodation, or whether you want the entire holiday arranged from Flights, to accommodation or safaris. For more information regarding this topic, DO NOT hesitate to Contact Us >>>
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Kenya Mombasa Beach Holidays

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