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Bird Watching Safaris in Uganda

Uganda is arguably the most attractive country in Africa to bird watchers (tour), not only to because of the unusually number of species recorded within its borders, but also because it offers easy access to several bird-rich habitats that are difficult to reach else where. Uganda’s remarkable avian diversity, over 1000 species recorded in an area similar to that of Great Britain can be attributed to its location at a transitional point between the East African savanna, the West African rainforest and the semi-desert of the north.

Uganda is gaining an increasing reputation as an exceptional worldwide destination for "bird watching" activities. Although the size of Uganda is not particularly big, however it hosts over 1000 species of birds (whereas in Europe there are 700 species), also due to the diversity of its territory (from the Lake Victoria, to Rwenzori mountains, to the desert land of Karamoja). Bird watching activities are available basically everywhere: from the Ssese islands of Lake Victoria, to the National Parks and Natural Reserves. Amongst the birds, many are special, such as Shoebill stork, Papyrus gonolek, African fish eagle, horn bills, lyre tailed honey guide.

The best sites for bird watching are: Semliki National Park and Wildlife Reserve, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Queen Elizabeth National park, Lake Mburo National Park, Murchison Falls National Park, Mabira Forest and Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary.

The Diversity of Bird Species
Analytical of Uganda’s intermediary position is the fact that only one bird is endemic to the country, the rather ordinary Fox’s weaver. However, if you take only East Africa into consideration, then approximately 150 bird species (more than 10% of the regional checklists) are found only in Uganda. This list includes seven of the 20 hornbill species recorded in the region, five out Bird Watching Safaris in Uganda

of 14 honey guides, seven out of 20 hornbill species recorded in the region, five out of 20 bush family as well as 13 members of the thrush family, 11 warblers, ten flycatchers, eight sun birds, eight weavers, eight finches, four tinker birds, four pigeons, 3 kingfishers, 3 sparrow hawks, 3 cuckoos and 3 nightjars.

Most of these Uganda’s specials are West African and Congolese forest birds that should be very difficult to see elsewhere for the simple reason that the other countries in which they occur are poorly developed for Tourism. The rain forests of Western Uganda must be seen as the country’s most important bird habitat, and that is the greatest interest to birdwatchers( bird watching), particularly if they are already familiar with typical East African birds. The most alluring forests in Uganda with localized species is Semliki, Budongo Forest, Kibale Forest and Bwindi Forest. However, Kibale is the Uganda’s spot for forest birds and the nearby Magombe swamp. Even the relatively tame botanical gardens in Entebbe will throw up several interesting species.

Gorilla and Chimpanzee Tracking Safari Adventures
Uganda is an equatorial country with an amazing diversity of habitats and this richness is reflected in its bird list of over 1000 species. From the source of the Nile on Lake Victoria to the snow capped Rwenzori Range, the montane forests of the Virunga volcanoes to the desert plains of karamoja, bird watching is an exciting experience for the traveler. Top Birding Bird Watching Safaris in Uganda

Spots in Uganda Includes but not limited to:

Mabamba Swamp: Wetland area recently acknowledged and an International conservation area. Famous for the rare Shoebill Stork. African Pearl safaris will take you for birding in Mabamba Wetland

Kibale National Park: Here you will find a variety of forest birds including the Red Winged Francolin, Red Chested Fluftail, African Pita, Joyful greenbul and many other bird species totalling to about 335.

Queen Elizabeth National Park Birding: The park which is also famous for wildlife in Uganda, hosts over 550 bird species. You will find 11 types of Kingfisher, several falcons,eagles and black bee eater, e.t.c

Bwindi Birding Safari: One of the top riches flora and fauna forests of East Africa. Find over 357 bird species. A must not miss include the Albertine rift Endemics, Rwenzori Batis, Buhoma Ruhinja Black bee eater and the African Green Broadbill.

Murchison Falls national park: 370 birds see the shoebill, ,giant kingfisher, bee eaters and other species.

Other Birding Areas includes: Budongo Forest, Mabira Forest, Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary, Mgahinga National Park, Lake Mburo National Park, Entebbe Botanical Gardens, Mpanga Forest, Kampala and Environs, Kajansi Fish Farm, Moroto Town and surrounding areas, Mount Elgon National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park and Semliki National Park.

Please note that on your birding trip, you need birding binoculars, an othinology book for better indentification of Uganda birds. Click here to DOWNLOAD our Checklist (Adobe PDF Document) for Birds of Uganda available free of charge.

Further Information and Travel Planning
At AfriChoice!, we have a wide range of carefully designed birding safaris and trips to explore the diverse bird species in Uganda that will give you a rewarding Uganda holiday and Bird Watching Adventure. AfriChoice! offers the best opportunity to realize an unforgettable bird watching safari in Uganda. Your safari consultant will always be at your assistance should you need tailor-made birding safari to Uganda. For more information, DO NOT hesitate to contact us >.
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Bird Watching Safaris in Uganda

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