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Our Terms and Conditions
When you book a holiday or a safari with us, you are entitled to some rights which we would like you to understand by reading this page carefully. We consider that once you remit your safari deposit to us, you have agreed to these "Terms & Conditions" and as per the 'Inclusions & Exclusions' stipulated on your itinerary. Please take your time to read them carefully. Though prepared with great care, these terms are for reference purposes only. AfriChoice! or any of its employees do not accept any liabilities for any changes, errors or omissions nor for any resultant or consequential charges or liabilities incurred by any organization or individual. See Our Disclaimer
"The Contract" Meaning & Importance
These terms and conditions shall apply to all contracts made by AfriChoice! with any client. However, the expression "Client" in these conditions shall not apply to a person, firm or company booking through a tour organizer, retail agent or other third party. No subsequent agreement in any way altering these terms and conditions shall be binding on the Company unless made in
Our Terms and Conditions
writing and signed by an authorized officer of the company. All references to the "Company" in these terms and conditions shall mean AFRICHOICE TOURS & TRAVEL LTD, a limited company incorporated in Kenya. All references to "Clients" shall mean the person, firm or company contracting with the Company for Services (hereinafter defined) to be provided by the Company to such person, firm or company and shall also mean and include any person in any party accompanying or paid for by such person, firm or company and the personal representatives and states of all such persons. AfriChoice! Tours & Travel does not warrant the correctness or completeness of any information and opinions provided by companies or individuals illustrated, advertised or named within these pages. All such information or opinions are furnished for reference purpose only. Nothing here will construe a representation of the opinion of AfriChoice! Tours & Travel and none of such information shall be regarded as a recommendation or warranty by AfriChoice! Tours & Travel for any purpose whatsoever in respect of any person, organization, product or service.
Your Tour Arrangements
The Company will use their best endeavors to ensure that the transport, accommodation, meals and other agreed services (herein called "Services") provided are fully in compliance with the Services which the Company have contracted to provide but the liability of the Company for breach of contract is restricted to liability where by the negligence of themselves, their servants or agents all or some Services are not provided in which event the Company shall compensate the Client only for the actual costs of the Service which were to have been provided excluding all consequential damage whatsoever and whosesoever suffered or incurred including but not limited to the costs of air fares to and from Kenya and Tanzania or any other incidental or indirect costs whatsoever. In case of any failure to provide any Service contracted for, the Company shall have the right to substitute alternative services of equal value subject always to such services being available.
Tour Price Variations
The tour price quoted in this website is subject to change without prior notice, AfriChoice! will confirm all prices before you book your holiday. Your holiday dossier will indicate what is and what is not included in the tour price. Flights to and from Africa are NOT included in the cost of the safaris in the itineraries. AfriChoice! will supply you with all the information you require Our Terms and Conditions
so that you can book the flights through your local Travel Agent or with the Airline direct. The Company reserves the right to increase all or any of the prices without prior reference to the Client in any of the following events:
Official devaluation or revaluation of the the local currency as against the United States Dollar, the Sterling Pound or the currency of the country in which the booking is made;
Any statutory increase in taxes or other dues imposed by the Local Governments of the destinations or any officer or agent thereof;
Any increase in Kenya and Tanzania in the price of aviation fuel or motor vehicle fuel or any other increase in the cost of transport which forms part of the Services;
Any increase in the cost of accommodation or meals forming part of the Services;
Any increase in entrance fees to national parks, national reserves and sanctuaries and any other entrance fees forming part of the Service;
Any other increase in the Company operating costs or cost of providing the Services which are beyond the Company control and which the Company has every reasonable effort to prevent.
Reservation Deposits & Payments
(A) Reservations should be made by contacting AfriChoice! Tours & Travel, hereinafter referred to as AfriChoice! at the address indicated below. Safaris are booked and confirmed only on receipt of a 35% advance payment of the basic safari rate. This advance payment is due within five (5) days of making your firm reservation by either email or fax to our office.
Our Terms and Conditions
(B) There shall be no binding contract until the advance payment has been received by AfriChoice! Failure to remit your advance payment on time will result in an automatic change of status of any confirmed space to a provisional basis and the possible inability to reinstate your reservation. When AfriChoice! receives your advance payment, a booking reference number will be assigned and noted on your original invoice. This number shall be deemed to constitute acceptance and confirmation of your booking. Payments can be made by Telegraphic Wire Transfer, by Credit Card, Travellers Cheques or in Cash. Details for payment by Wire Transfer to our bank are shown at the bottom of this page.
(C) The balance is due no later than sixty (60) days prior to commencement of your safari. If the balance has not been received by that date, AfriChoice! shall be entitled in its discretion to treat your reservation as canceled, and consequently to forfeit such part of the advance payment as determined solely by AfriChoice!
(D) Any reservation made within sixty (60) days of commencement of a safari may be accepted provided space is available, payment in full is received, and provided that documents can be delivered prior to departure.
(E) AfriChoice! will not provide tickets, coupons, vouchers or documents until full payment has been received by AfriChoice!
(F) AfriChoice! will not accept responsibility for wire transfer and / or overnight mail charges.
(G) No client will be permitted into the tour without payment in full being received by AfriChoice!
(H) Special airfares are capacity controlled and often sold out months in advance. In addition, many accommodations offered by AfriChoice! have a limited capacity. It is essential to make reservations well in advance to insure your preferred arrangements.
Modes of Payment
Payments can be done either via Direct Bank Transfer (Wire Transfer) or by Credit Card. Details for payment by Wire Transfer are available on request >>

Payments by Credit Cards are subject to terms and conditions and are subject to approval and acceptance by the receiving bank. We normally require that the Card Holder complete a Credit Card Authorization Form if he / she is not present at the point of transaction. We can't guarantee success to this mode of payment.
Cancellations, Refunds & Forfeitures
(A) In the event of cancellation or variation of Services for whatever reasons the Company shall be entitled to charge cancellation fees as set out hereunder:

NB: Cancellations and Refunds: Notice of cancelation must be made in writing (e-mail acceptable) and refunds will be issued based on number of days prior to
travel that the reservation is cancelled;

from the time of booking to 120 days - 50% of deposit is forfeited.
119-90 days, 50% of total trip cost forfeited;
89-60 days, 65% of total trip cost forfeited;
59-31 days, 75% of total trip cost forfeited;
30 days or less, 100% of total trip cost forfeited.

The liability to reimburse the Company (Or the Individual) for the cancellation fees, non-refundable booking fee, no show fees, administration fee and the like shall in no way limit or restrict the general rights of the Company to collect damages for breach of Contract.
(B) If you are a "no show", AfriChoice! shall be entitled to treat your reservation as canceled without having given AfriChoice! any notice, and the provisions of Conditions (A) above shall apply.
(C) Any request to amend or change a booking once it has been confirmed may be accommodated subject to space availability. If AfriChoice! is able to assist, an administrative fee of $100 per change will be assessed. These fees will be added to your final invoice.
(D) No refunds are given (1) for lost travel time or substitution of facilities, (2) for itineraries amended after departure, (3) for circumstances arising beyond the control of AfriChoice!, necessitating alternative arrangements being made to ensure the safety and / or further participation and enjoyment of your safari, (4) if you do not appear for any accommodation, service, sightseeing or trip segment without notifying AfriChoice!, or (5) if you leave your safari after it has begun, or miss any scheduled sightseeing, activities, meals or accommodations.
(E) Non-payment by the date for commencement of services
In the event that the Company has not received payment in full by the date for commencement of services, then the company reserves the right in its absolute discretion to withhold all or any of the Services and the Company shall be entitled to collect the outstanding payment from the Client direct and to recover from the Organizer all cancellation fees which they are entitled to charge as per Conditions (A) above. The Company shall not be required to notify the Organizer and Retailer or the Client prior to the date of commencement of Services that the Services or any part of the Services will be withheld.
Conscent & Enforceability
Please remember, when you book travel related services with AfriChoice!, you are entering into a binding agreement that assumes all terms and conditions are fully understood as stated in this document. The payment of the advance payment OR any partial payment for a reservation on a safari constitutes consent to all provisions of the conditions and general information contained in any brochure (electronic or otherwise), invoice and travel documents. The terms under which you agree to take these safaris cannot be changed or amended, except in writing, signed by an authorized officer of employee of AfriChoice!
Force Majeure
"Force Majeure" means, in relation to AfriChoice! any circumstances beyond the reasonable control of AfriChoice! (including, but without limitation, acts of nature, explosion, flood, tempest, fire or accident, war or threat of war, sabotage, insurrection, civil disturbance, or requisition, sickness, quarantine, government intervention, weather conditions or other untoward occurrences). If AfriChoice! is affected by Force Majeure it shall forthwith notify you of the nature and extend thereof. If forced to cancel / alter your itinerary, AfriChoice! shall not be deemed to be in breach of these terms and conditions or otherwise be liable to you, by reason of delay in performance, or by non-performance, of any of its obligations hereunder to the extent that any such delay or non-performance is due to any Force Majeure.
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Our Terms and Conditions

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