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Kenya Investment Opportunities
Africa Business Investment Opportunities
Africa is widely perceived as poor and corrupt. But the best investment opportunities lie where perception differs from reality- where things aren't as bad as they seem. Africa is by all means a good and rewarding investment destination currently attracting thousands of investors from all over the world.

The best investment opportunities lies in Agriculture, Tourism and Hotel Industry, Real Estate (Building and Construction), Energy, Manufacturing, Transport and Communication Infrastructure, environment and natural resources, Money, Banking and Finance as we as in the fast growing Information and Communications Technology and the list is endless...
Investing in Kenya, East Africa

"Kenya is among 5 other African Nations that could Rival "Asian Tigers" by 2020 "- J. Cohen Former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs. Kenya may seem an unlikely investment opportunity, but with its markets growing at a clip, the country looks increasingly attractive.

To invest in Africa is to help Africa help itself ­and make profits in the process. Despite the continent's structural problems and the relentless focus on aid and debt relief, Ghana's stockmarket was the world's third-best performer last year, while Egypt topped the global table and is soaring this year too.

Reasons To Invest in Kenya
Good range of Tax Treaties and Investment Protection
A Stable Pro-Investment Government
Business Friendly Regulatory Reforms
Large Pool of Skilled English Speaking Enterprising Workers
Strategic Location as a Communication Hub
Well Developed Social and Physical Infrastructure
Kenya Investment Opportunities

Fully Liberalized Economy
Preferential Market Access to Within the Region and the E.U.
Well Established Local and Foreign Private Sector

A Clear Advantage of Investing in Kenya, Africa
In the long term, Africa's best chance for prosperity and stability is not from dependency on foreign aid, but from sustained private investment and enterprise. Currently, only about 1% of the private capital in the world is invested in sub-Saharan Africa. As the continent becomes gradually more prosperous, levels of private investment are set to increase significantly, especially Kenya Investment Opportunities

since (according to World Bank figures) Kenya in particular currently offers 'the highest returns on foreign direct investment of any region in the world'.

Further Information on Investment Opportunities
At AfriChoice!, we have identified the special requirements of the investor clientele, developing a wide range of investor support services. AfriChoice! offers free professional advise for foreign investors planning to invest or expand business operations in Kenya as well as giving specific information on investment opportunities in Kenya.

We link you up with government agencies set up to provide you with professional assistance, facilitation, information and advice if you are a local or a foreign investor seeking to establish a new investment or expand your existing investments in Kenya. AfriChoice! will also provide you with free information of business and investment opportunities in Kenya if you are a consultant, a researcher or a journalist looking for investment information. For more information regarding this topic, DO NOT hesitate to contact us.
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Kenya Investment Opportunities

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