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Authentic African Safaris
Why Choose AfriChoice
At AfriChoice!, your vacation plans are of great importance to us. We value your time and money. Sincerity, good faith, genuineness - they're all part of the ethic we embrace in approaching our travel operations. We have what it takes, the expertise, the manpower, the infrastructure but above all, it is our 'personalised safari programs' that will truly make your African Safari expendition a memorable one. This is our ultimate goal! So, why take chances? Choose wisely and entrust your African Safari Travel Plans ONLY to the qualified and trustworthy - to people who can TRULY care for you. This is us. Learn More >
Your 'One-Stop-Shop' for Africa Travel Services
At AfriChoice.com, we provide you with a "One Stop Shop" for Africa Travel Services, Authentic Wildlife Safaris, Beach Holidays and Car Rental. This site offers a wide selection of safaris and tours to East and Southern Africa with a unique specialisation to Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and the Zanzibar. Our African Travel Products are tailored for the leisure and One Stop Shop
adventure traveler. Our core philosophy is to provide the best of East Africa at affordable and honest prices. Since our inception, we continue our tradition of offering an ever-improving selection of authentic and innovative African Travel Products ideal for first time visit as well as new holiday packages for our seasoned traveller.

At AfriChoice!, we have increased our commitment and dedication to providing outstanding travel arrangements that offer our travellers the thrill of discovery of the heart and soul of Africa, our homeland! With over 100,000 Guests in just under 10 years of operational experience in East Africa, AfriChoice! is now excellently positioned to fulfill all your African travel needs. Learn More >
We Know Africa Better...
"We love Africa and we love what we do. This is our passion, let us share it with you". As the saying goes, 'No one knows Africa better than Africans'. You will see this unique and splendid land with an indigenous operator and therefore to share your time with AfriChoice! is to experience the true soul of our land, to become forever a part of the glorious spirit that is Africa, our
Travelling With AfriChoice
home. In East Africa, no one can show you Africa the way AfriChoice! does. We offer you more itineraries, and more ways to customize your adventure. Join us as we explore the spellbinding wildlife reserves of Kenya and Tanzania, from the rolling hills of the Maasai Mara to the animal-rich plains of the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater. This is Our Passion. Learn More >
Flexibility and Choice...
At AfriChoice, flexibility is our specialization! We will customize any itinerary whether for an individual traveller, large educational groups, corporate delegates or an imaginative incentive house. Tailor-made Safaris... You want something 'unusual' and yet do not know what! Do not worry. Simply request a customised itinerary. Whether you are a Free Individual Traveller (FIT), a Special Interest Group (SIG) or an Exclusively Private Party (EPP), we always have something special for you. Our 24hour turn-around period ensure speedy response to your requests.
We Guarantee Comfort & Safety on Safari...
Game Viewing Safari
As much of your journey will involve many exhilarating days on the trail of African wildlife, the quality of the ground vehicle is of utmost importance. AfriChoice! own vehicles are all under 30 months old, serviced in-house by the AfriChoice! motor pool. We are pleased to inform you that we provide only the newest, state-of-the-art vehicles to carry you on your African Safari.
Our people are cautious and will give you prudent advise regarding your safety in Africa. Whether you arrive with a group or by yourself, you can be sure we'll be waiting to welcome you. No matter what time your flight arrives, even in the night or early morning, you can rest assured your hotel room will be waiting reserved and prepared for you.
Unrivalled Prices, Unbeatable Value...
We guarantee the best available accommodation at the lowest price possible. The wonders of Africa should surprise you, but the cost of your trip should not! That's why our tours have all-inclusive prices.Our network of suppliers throughout the region coupled with our ever-increasing volume of travellers has given us access to the most competitive rates, yielding savings which
Best Value

we pass on directly to our travellers. We guarantee affordability without ever compromising on quality.

Medical & Evacuation Services...
Evacuation Services
Whenever you book travel services with us, you get free temporary membership to the AMREF's Flying Doctors Society or the International Air Ambulance Services. In the rare case of an emergency, services of the Flying Doctors Society or the International Air Ambulance Services are always at our doorstep. Additional Medical care facilities in Nairobi are
excellent, with virtually the same sophistication, state-of-the-art and treatment found in the developed world.
We Deliver Our Promise...
We understand how valuable your vacation time is. When you entrust your precious time to AfriChoice!, we will help you make the most of every minute. It is our privilege to take you away from the everyday world to contemplate the timeless wonders of Africa. So you'll return from your AfriChoice! safari with much more than memories. You'll return feeling renewed, refreshed, and replenished!
Booking Information and Getting Started...
At AfriChoice! Tours & Travel, we full understand how diverse your travel needs can be. That is why we leave you as the expert in your own field and welcome your new suggestions and travel requirements in Africa. The list is practically endless and the options available are countless. We shall listen and endeavour to cater for your special need. For bookings or further information regarding Africa Travel Services, DO NOT hesitate to contact us. Learn More >
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