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Our Society
At AfriChoice, dreams are what we sell to our discerning travellers. Travel is a crucial catalyst that helps in breaking down the traditional geographical boundaries that keeps people apart; thus the travel industry is a vital process that brings people from different nations and cultures together. Close to a billion people travel every year making the tourism sector one of the biggest in the world, a major employer and a key element in the global economy.

But travel and tourism has its ugly side, too: increasing pollutant emissions from the tourist traffic it generates, the loss of coastline beaches and other prone landscapes through excessive building development and the sexual exploitation of children are just some of the negative consequences of the growth in global tourist travel. Travel brightens lives. But it can burden lives, too. And that’s why we need to pay due respect to people and the natural world in all our travel activities.

At AfriChoice, Corporate Responsibility is an integral part of our principal business activities. To enhance the positive impact of tourism on people, destinations and economies, and to alleviate its negative effects. We aim to do so by being part of the solutions, developing innovative projects and keeping our finger on the current pulse. To us, Corporate Responsibility means innovation and product development, looking at how we treat our existing and new customers, our company staff, relationship with the local communities and keeping clear communications and fair dealings with our competitors and shareholders.
Our Contribution and Approach...
We aim to make a positive difference whenever we can. That’s why AfriChoice have developed a comprehensive Corporate Responsibility Strategy that extends not only to ecological action but to social issues, too, including good corporate governance, community participation and human resources concerns. We believe that this is good not only to our partners but as well as
to our clients, shareholders and investors. In addition, AfriChoice Group aims to continually support both existing and future investors by providing them with convenient access to relevant, honest and timely company information. In addition, various other outlets are employed in order to keep shareholders, investors, analysts and the media up to date and informed regarding AfriChoice, including: in-house presentations, external presentations, roadshows and one-on-one meetings.
Our Code of Conduct / Professional Ethics

The AfriChoice! Group has adopted and aims to abide by a Code of Business Conduct / Ethics that we observe strictly. This Professional Code of Ethics includes information on relations with customers, suppliers, intermediaries, shareholders and investors, employees, government and the local community, competitors and compliance issues.
This is achieved through improved relations with customers, suppliers and intermediaries, transparent communication with shareholders and other investors, better relations with employees, government, the local community and with with competitors as well as improving issues relating to international business through compliance and verification. Download Our Printer-Friendly "Business Code Of Ethics" for more detailed Information about our operations.

In addition, AfriChoice Group is fully committed to good corporate governance. Our principles and rules on corportate governance are laid down in the Articles of Incorporation, the company bylaws and the regulations of the Board of Directors Committees. The Audit Committee reviews these principles and rules regularly in the light of prevailing best practices and forwards suggestions for improvement to the full Board for approval.
Our Environmental Policy
As a travel services provider, the AfriChoice Group's primary aim is to meet the Africa travel needs of its clients. In doing so, AfriChoice recognizes that it has an impact on the environment, both directly through the running of its offices and indirectly through meeting the travel and tourism needs of its clients. Our environmental objectives includes but not limited to; ensure
compliance at local, national and international levels; minimise the consumption of energy, water and materials across operations; minimise solid waste generation by waste re-use and recycling wherever possible; avoid the use of materials that may cause harm to the environment; promote internal awareness of environmental issues with staff and to support environmental initiatives by employees and relevant external groups.

AfriChoice recognizes that it has an impact on the environment, both directly through the consumption of energy and other resources used throughout its daily business activities, and indirectly through its supply chain. The company's environmental strategy is to strive to reduce the environmental impacts of its operations. Environmental considerations will form an integral part of daily business, including management planning, capital expenditure and operating procedures. Learn More >>>

HIV / AIDs and Other Health & Safety Concerns

Without doubt one of the greatest crises facing contemporary and future Africa is the fate of a rapidly increasing population of orphaned children, who represent the third shock wave of the AIDS pandemic. The first wave was triggered by a rising incidence of HIV infections followed by the second wave, AIDS deaths. It has been estimated that in less than a decade there
will be 42 million AIDS orphans in Africa. AfriChoice Group is clear on its position regarding HIV/AIDS: it is aware of the seriousness of HIV/AIDS as a medical, social, and economic reality and fully recognises the tragic implications associated with this pandemic, as well as the potential enormousness of its socio-economic implications.

AfriChoice works hand-in-hand with some local NGOs in; enhancing the opportunities for affected / vulnerable children to access basic necessities such as food, shelter, and clothing; enhancing the level of HIV/AIDS awareness and promoting positive behavior change in order to reduce the rate of transmission as well as advocating for the reduction of stigma associated with HIV/AIDS as well as lobbying for recognition and support for the rights of AIDS orphans and other vulnerable children.

As pertains to safety concerns at work place, AfriChoice Group recognises its obligation to supply its employees with a safe and clean working environment. Data on health and safety compliance are collated and reported to the Board of Directors twice yearly. AfriChoice Group is also aware of the risk of possible robberies and attacks at its business premises and work continually to improve its security systems to minimise the risk to its employees.

During the past two years, there was no work-related fatality in the Group showing a clean record and professionalism in our services a quality envied by our competitors. In addition, no material health or safety issues were reported from around the Group over the same period.
Social Investment / Giving Back to The Community

AfriChoice! supports the African Propoor Tourism Foundation - KENYA of which it is the Founder Member and whose worthy work which assists disadvantaged, poor and disabled women and children through education. We also support other organisations throughout East Africa dedicated to the improvement of education, health and living standards.
During the last five years, our social investment programmes have operated principally in the countries where our businesses are located, working with selected charities and other organisations to benefit causes supported by AfriChoice Group. These include education, health and welfare, local economic development, the environment and the arts.

As an ongoing observation, many of our travellers are keen to contribute to the countries they visit. This may be as simple as the interaction they have with local people – their efforts to build an understanding of cultural nuances, history or a simple exchange of stories with local people in a village, restaurant or school. Others are interested to make a monetary contribution to organisations active in the advancement of child welfare, education or health in the region they are visiting. Your tour leader or local guide will be more than happy to assist you in making contact with local organisations. Learn More >>>
Sharing With The Community
We Believe in Equal Opportunity for all...

AfriChoice Group is committed to providing equal opportunity in all our employment practices including selection, hiring, promotion, transfer, and compensation to all qualified applicants and employees without regard to race, color, religion, sex, nationality, citizenship, veteran status, age, disability, sexual orientation or any other category protected by the Kenyan Law. AfriChoice Group is an equal opportunity employer and committed to provide a working and social environment in which the rights and dignity of all its members are respected, and which is free from discrimination, prejudice, intimidation and all forms of harassment. This Policy means that all employees of AfriChoice Group have the right to work in an environment free from discrimination, prejudice and all forms of harassment. AfriChoice Group is committed to a programme of action to ensure that this and other equalities policies are implemented and monitored at an organisational and individual level.

AfriChoice Group's equal opportunity policy is that in the recruitment, selection, training, appraisal, development and promotion of staff, the only consideration must be that the individual meets, or is likely to meet the requirements of the post. The requirements being met, no employee will be discriminated against on the basis of their sex, sexual orientation, race, colour, ethnic origin, nationality (within current legislation), disability, marital status, caring or parental responsibilities, age, or beliefs on matters such as religion and politics.

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