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Wildlife Safaris in Uganda
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Authentic African Safaris
Wildlife Safaris in Uganda

There are numerous wildlife safari options in Uganda. Uganda offers ten organized National Parks , as well as a number of Natural Forests and Natural Reserve areas, with a broad range of different safaris and wildlife experience. These includes; Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National park, Bwindi Impenetrable National park, Rwenzori Mountains National Park, Lake Mburo National Park, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Kibale Forest National Park, Mountain Elgon National Park, Semliki National Park and Kidepo National Park.

Among the most significant attractions are: the boat - launch trips (in Queen Elizabeth, Murchison Falls, Lake Mburo), natural walks and game drives in any park with private vehicles. Very different from other African countries, "safari" in Uganda means a real closeness to the nature, the animals, the people, the ambience. Safari in Uganda is a unique opportunity of true, direct and uncontaminated wildlife.

Uganda has a variety of wildlife species. A safari to Uganda will most likely involve wildlife viewing of animals in the parks, the birds and other animals in the sanctuary like the Chimpanzee. Visiting the gorillas will give you a wildlife watching experience. Note that this endangered specie has half of its population in Uganda. So while on your tour, spare USD 500 for this thrilling adventure as you also contribute to its conservation. The Uganda Wildlife Authority, the legal body responsible for wildlife management and conservation of nature regulates the visits to these parks. Other activities include bird watching, game viewing, and much more.

Unique Safaris Into Unspoiled Nature
Popularly known as the 'Pearl of Africa', Uganda's most famous attraction is the Bwindi 'Impenetrable' Forest home to the elusive and treasured mountain Gorilla. Half the total population of the world's gorillas live in the Virunga Mountains where the Zaire, Rwanda and Burundi borders meet. The other half is found in the Bwindi Forest. Amongst other Uganda attractions Wildlife Safaris in Uganda

are the Murchison's Falls, Queen Elizabeth and the world's largest freshwater lake - Lake Victoria. The diverse cultures as well as the hospitable people are a major attraction to many. Uganda is a land of infinite variety. For long, Uganda has been referred to as 'the Switzerland' of Africa due to its sheer physical beauty. It is here you will discover your ancestry as well as experience the wonders of its diverse natural heritage. Uganda's national parks reflect the extraordinary diversity of the country's natural resources: fresh water lakes, swamps, mountains, forests, woodland, rolling plains and grassland.

Owing to a variety of habitats with abundant grass, Uganda supports an incredible range of biodiversity including mountain gorillas. In order to protect and effectively manage these invaluable resources on a sustainable basis, the Uganda National Parks department was established in 1952. Presently the organisation manages 10 parks. On a medium stay safari in Uganda, it is possible to visit most or all of the National Parks and Game Reserves! The animals you expect to find in a standard Uganda safari includes Lion, Elephant, Gorillas, Hippo, Buffalo, Eland, Kob, Waterbuck, Giraffe, sitatunga, Zebra, Hog, Bushback e.t.c Your AfriChoice! safari consultant will guide you in choosing the finest safari parks and game reserves of Uganda to suit your need.

Gorilla and Chimpanzee Tracking Safari Adventures
The endangered mountain gorillas are almost exitinct with only about 750 in number shared between Bwindi National Park, Parc de volcanoes National park of Rwanda and Virunga of Congo. A safari to Uganda's remaining mountain gorillas in Bwindi National Park is memorable, rewarding experience that contribute greatly to the survival of these mountain gorillas. Wildlife Safaris in Uganda

Uganda is well known worldwide as home to over half of the world's population of mountain gorillas. These primates have their own natural habitat in the tropical rain forests located in the South West of the country. 360 gorillas are living in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park , where four families are habituated for the tourist visits. Gorilla tracking is the first choice for any visitor traveling to Uganda, as this is an unforgettable and unique experience.

In addition, Uganda is hosting a large population of different species of primates, like chimpanzee, black and white colobus, red tailed monkey, blue monkey, golden monkeys, bush babies. The Chimpanzee trekking is another experience that Uganda offering to its visitors, as there are many families habituated to the human presence. Uganda counts an estimated number of 5.000 chimpanzees. This activity is possible in Kibale National Park , Budongo Forest and Kyambura Gorge (in Queen Elizabeth National Park).

Thirdly, Uganda is a haven for cultural tours and eco-tourism. Uganda is a multicultural and multi tribal society, with at least 33 tribes and languages. Many regions in Uganda have kingdoms including the Buganda, Busoga, Bunyoro and Toro. Kingdoms and tribe are still very meaningful for people's life, beliefs and uses. The main Ugandan tribe is the Baganda, corresponding to the area of Kampala and Entebbe, today represented by the Buganda king and Buganda Parliament in Kampala (Bulanghe), where the chiefs (head of tribes) are seating to discuss the problems and life of their people.

As a consequence, tourism in Uganda is also: cultural tourism, traditional handicraft, dance and music performances, local medicine demonstration, local brewery production (banana beer, sorghum beer), local beliefs and their traditional sites. For this reason it is well developed the form of " community tourism ", also with a proper association, UCOTA (Uganda Community Tourism Association), which is working for improving the livelihoods of the local village communities.

Uganda is the paradise of "ecotourism", where visitors are welcome as the people see them as a vehicle for a sustainable tourist development. In Uganda tourist activities are carried out in the respect of the environment and culture. There are plenty possibility for eco-friendly itineraries, including nature walks, trekking, cycling.

Further Information and Travel Planning
At AfriChoice!, we have a wide range of carefully designed wildlife safaris and trips to see the mountain gorillas and other wildlife in Uganda that will give you a rewarding Uganda holiday and safari Adventure. AfriChoice! offers the best opportunity to realize an unforgettable gorilla tracking safari in Uganda. Your safari consultant will always be at your assistance should you need a tailor-made vist to Uganda. For more information, DO NOT hesitate to contact us >.
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Wildlife Safaris in Uganda

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