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Authentic African Safaris
Our Passion
As a boutique Small Group Travel company specializing in East Africa, we want to be sure our travellers share a common view of the joys and challenges of travel. Here at AfriChoice!, we’re excited by the experience of difference that is at the heart of our great journeys. Different flavours, fragrances, anecdotes, religious beliefs, languages, ethnology and landscapes.

We design our Small Group Journeys for people who share our passion for the total experience of travel in Africa – the cuisine, the natural beauty, the history, culture and people. We do small group travel differently to everybody else. We don't cut corners. Whether you’re one of our past travellers or totally new to us, we invite you to a look through the array of Small Group Safaris in East Africa featured on this website. Learn More >
Small Groups - Less is More!
Small group travel allows for flexibility and informality, which is why our journeys operate with a maximum of 15 travellers. Because groups are small, we’re able to accommodate the interests of our travellers while allowing plenty of opportunities for independent exploration. We offer the ease and flexibility of independent travel without the hassles. Surely less is more!
The Traveller, The Appeal...
Our travellers are as diverse as our timeless appeal. As a traveller with AfriChoice!, expect to be captivated by all of the wonders of the country or countries you travel in. We do not operate sanitised coach tours. Your travel experience will be, in equal parts, what we do for you and what you do for yourself. One of the most striking features of our travellers is their diversity. They span all ages, they come from all over the world and they bring with them a wide variety of interests and backgrounds. What they share is a love of Africa!
Africa - Our Specialization, Our Pride!

At AfriChoice!, we’re proud to stake our claim as a true Africa specialist. Africa is all we do. We’ve made even a bigger commitment to East Africa than any small group travel company by the fact that we are based in the in the region. Our offices across our East Africa destinations, employing both local and expatriate staff, enable us to stay ahead of everyone
else. This allow us to offer the best combination of value, experience and timely on the ground support to our travellers. Learn More >
Easy Going and Value...
Some travel companies equate expertise with a large raft of itineraries. Not us. The tours in this website represent the best of each country and will suit a variety of interests. Many travellers looking for a more extensive regional experience choose to combine two – or more – of our journeys. Each safari is paced to give time to develop familiarity with the key places you visit.

We usually stay two or three nights in an area, preferring to explore places in some depth rather than constantly moving at the expense of your experience.

Social Responsibility and Community Support...

AfriChoice! supports the African Propoor Tourism Foundation and their worthy work which assists disadvantaged, poor and disabled women children through education. We also support other organisations throughout East Africa dedicated to the improvement of education, health and living standards. Many of our travellers are keen to contribute to the countries they visit.
This may be as simple as the interaction they have with local people – their efforts to build an understanding of cultural nuances, history or a simple exchange of stories with local people in a village, restaurant or school. Others are interested to make a monetary contribution to organisations active in the advancement of child welfare, education or health in the region they are visiting. Your tour leader or local guide will be more than happy to assist you in making contact with local organisations. Learn More >
Booking Information and Getting Started...
At AfriChoice! Tours & Travel, we full understand how diverse your travel needs can be. That is why we leave you as the expert in your own field and welcome your new suggestions and travel requirements in Africa. The list is practically endless and the options available are countless. We shall listen and endeavour to cater for your special need. For bookings or further information regarding Africa Travel Services, DO NOT hesitate to contact us.
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